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released October 27, 2015



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NEW RUIN California

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Track Name: Del Rosa
Twist the tourniquet as I begin to drift. Numb all my senses just so I’ll forget every memory. Don’t resuscitate it, there’s no reveries only deficits.

Empty streets, power off. Vacant lots, boarded up. Overpassed overtime. A fate signed on the dotted line.

It’s as if we were never here at all. What’s been foreclosed, what’s been sold off.
Track Name: Disappearances
It’s not me that you see. An apparition of faith and senses. Displaced and disintegrated. Set alight and eviscerated. Bookmarked for an ending with no beginning.

But it’s not quite subtle enough. A nagging recollection. A silhouette still lingering in the sway. Shadows and whispers. Evading the censors. Ghosts of a time and place.

Will they be remembered in the morning or forgotten as another sleepless night? Are they erased for conscience or for comfort? Pages torn from the annals in one’s mind.
Track Name: Negative Dialectics
To live in your shadow leaves not much to be. Forgotten in the rust and the decay. The dew of your breath blackens the skies as we strike a match to light our way.

A hollow shell of memory or a glimpse of collapsing empire? Remnants of a world incomplete. Materialized for a second just to be forgotten. A cadaver not worth its remains.

Swaying in the wake of you.

Another city of ashes. Just another scorched earth policy. A projective map of acquisition, but with little prospects of salvation. Sold to the highest bidder to collect weeds in an empty lot. An empire of abandoned colonies.
Track Name: Early Darkness
Don't close your eyes, there is so much to see in the early darkness of the morning. Sky has missed its slumber. I have missed my slumber. We saw the moon's smile fade.

We live in the moment. We live in the movement.

Night crawls on the walls and in my veins. I'm glad you're here and I can share it with you. I will try my best to meet you in the middle. We can watch sky eat itself.
Track Name: 43
To be hidden by the open secret of a river's veins clogged with corpses.
Track Name: White Witch
No one hears the wind today. The black of night is stagnant. No one hears my soul today. The winged witch has stabbed it. Into the black of night the winged witch is calling.

The rooster won't crow today. He stopped the sun from rising. Into the black of night, she spreads her broken wings. Cursing those that cross her path, just tell them they were wrong.

Come fly away with me. No grief, just apathy. Forget the bullshit and just be free. Come fly away from me.

Let's kiss the black of night. Wrapped in her feathers, she told me they were wrong. Predictions carry on and on.

Into the black of night, the winged witch is howling. Into the black of night, the winged witch is calling. She's howling, she's calling, she's howling, she's prowling, she's hiding, she's looking for me.
Track Name: New Ruin
I have a silhouette raging through my mind. Monuments of deceit for the passersby. A new ruin accented by the halogen lights.

Nothing left to go home to, just these manufactured shells. No trace of remembrance, just some infrastructural hells.

Washed away with the valley’s incarnate as the factories topple over me. Entombed by the silence of a highway’s midnight drone. Carrying away the breathing as another casket’s in waiting.

But I’ll stay yours for as long as you’ll keep me. I don’t know why I’m faithful to the disease that kills me.

Embrace the fall that awaits us all.